Asia Game Show 2010

The Asia Game Show was held on the 24 to 27 December 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is an annual event that gamers and cosplayers would not miss. The video game show displays the latest products and trends in the industry. It is not surprising to see that the key trend of this year is 3D gaming. (Since Avatar the movie, everything in the entertainment industry is now 3D!)

Gran Turismo 5 - Racing in 3D

The name of the show was a bit misleading, as over half of the floor space was occupied by SONY. Perhaps other companies such Nintendo and Microsoft do not wish to share the glory with SONY in the same show? Nonetheless, SONY brought along the latest games for Play Station 3 and PSP, as well as a 280 inch giant screen to showcase the 3D trailers of their 3D games!

PS3 Gaming area

PSP Gaming area

The center of attention was of course GT5, the well known racing game that is now available in 3D. Visitors were able to test drive this game in race car seats while wearing 3D glasses to view on SONY BRAVIA television sets.

Gamers were also able to experience (and purchase) the Play Station Move, a stick-like controller with a glowing bulb at the end, for a series of 2D and 3D games. Die hard fans are also required to purchase an optical sensor for the controller to have a complete experience.

PlayStation Move gaming area

Singstar - Dance along while holding the PS Move

Admission fee was $20 HK. The overall experience was worthwhile. One may ponder the reason behind hiring Edison Chan as the show's image person. Edison Chan might not have a successful acting career, he has made himself famous in the sex photo scandal in 2008. The organizes do run into a risk of reducing the show's popularity by hiring someone who is so unpopular.