Dialogue in the Dark @ Hong Kong

Dialogue in the Dark, a social enterprise with a mission to raise the awareness of the daily challenges that the visually impaired (ie. the blind) faces, offers a great taste of darkness! In a 75 minutes indoor journey, visitors were soaked in complete darkness and were given an opportunity to maximize their other senses. Each small group of visitors is guided by an enthusiastic visually impaired guide They are more than happy to share insights of their world with you - the visitors.

Dialogue in the Dark at Christmas!

"Dialogue in the Dark" is a World Wide organization with branches in many countries, including: Austria, China, Estonia, India, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and USA. Visit their official website for more details.

We had a memorable experience at "Dialogue in the Dark" in Hong Kong, China.  Before we began, the friendly staff put us into small groups and issued a walking stick to each person. Cameras were definitely not allowed. Mobile phones, watches or anything that can illuminate were also removed and kept safe in the lockers.

The journey began when we opened a door and walked into complete darkness. We were soon greeted by our tour guide, who had a commanding yet comfortable voice. Since it was not the haunted house, we were promised that nothing will jump out and scare us. Instead, we were encouraged to use our other senses (other than sight), to hear, to touch, to smell and to feel. 

The venue was sub-divided into different sections. Each section was setup based on the various places of that city, such as a street corner, a park and a ferry. As he leads us to the different areas in the venue with voices and noises, the friendly tour guide soon revealed that he is part of the visually impaired community. He was very open and was willing to share his world with us. The 75 minutes journey felt so short yet memorable. It was truly an experience that gave insights to their community. It would also trigger you to "think and reflect"!

Facilities at a near by train station. Have you noticed that there are both big and small dots?
In my opinion, the admission tickets are rather dear. However, as Dialogue in the Dark creates job opportunities for the visually impaired, our money is going to a good cause! We have truly enjoyed our experience and would definitely recommend "Dialogue in the Dark" to you!