Giant Chupa Chups Machine @ iSQUARE

A giant Chupa Chups vending machine (approximately one story tall) is currently on display at the front entrance of iSQUARE shopping and entertainment complex in Hong Kong. How sweet!

This is certainly one huge Chupa Chups vending machine!

Located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, an area made famous for shopping, iSQUARE is one of the newest shopping complex in Kowloon of Hong Kong, China.

Real estates in Hong Kong and in particular in the Tsim Sha Tsui district are rare and expensive. The iSQUARE is a prime example of demolishing an old and rusty building, then replace with a new and modern shopping mall that attracts mid-high tier retail shops and expensive restaurants. 

Most restaurants at iSQUARE are some 20 stories above ground level and have an almost 180 degrees view of the famous Victoria Harbour. Although there is a variety of cousins and restaurants to choose from, prior booking is strongly recommended.

The cinemas at iSQUARE are expensive and yet often fully booked. Movie viewers are willing to book 2 to 3 weeks in advanced, pay an extra 20 to 40% (compared with other cinemas), sit on average seats in a full-house, to watch the same movie. The reason behind? Location. Location. Location! The business decision to build iSQUARE was certainly a wise one. (We will discuss the social responsibility etc later.)

The iSQUARE is adjacent to (it is actually "attached to") the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station. The famous Chung King Mansons is also just a few steps away from the front door of iSQUARE.

The Giant Chupa Chups Machine with the famous Chung King Manson in the background.

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