Hundertwasser Toilets @ Kawakawa

An artist named Frederick Hundertwasser and a free public toilet put a small New Zealand town called Kawakawa on the tourist map.

Kawakawa Toilets by Hundertwasser

In all long distance driving, toilet stops are more than actions that satisfies one's physical needs. Toilet stops mark milestones of a journey and give something the passengers to aim for. Kawakawa's toilet stop is unique as it adds colour to your experience.

Main Street of Kawakawa

There are more information about Mr. Hundertwasser and Kawakawa available online which I am not going to repeat. Instead, I will leave you with the following travel tips.

Travel Tips:
- Access to the toilet is absolutely free.
- Go there before sunset to make the "experience" worth while. The glasses require natural lights to work their magic.
- Kawakawa has one main street only. The choices of food in town is limited.
- The name of the town (and your toilet stop) is easy to remember. Ka-Wa-Ka-Wa!