Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 Hong Kong

Yes, ASIMO was there!
The Inno Design Tech Expo is currently being held at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2 to 4 December 2010. It is an opportunity for the industry to showcase and exchange design and innovative ideas.

The general public can admire designs and innovations from Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong (the locals) and a few other participating countries.

As someone who loves creative ideas that improves lifestyle, I spent plenty of time at the Lifestyle and Design Pavilion of the Inspiration Hall. I had mixed feelings and went through an emotional roller coaster. I was both impressed and disappointed by the various exhibits.

The name of the event "Inno Design Tech Expo" is rather unusual. Perhaps the event organizers believed the full name "Innovation Design Technology Exposition" is not sexy enough. My question is tho, how come only three out of four words are abbreviated? And besides, the current abbreviated name is still not easy to handle. However, the name of the event is the least of my worries.

It is obvious that the class, ability and talent of the exhibitors has a diverse range. The Japanese are definitely World Class innovators and exhibitors. The German exhibitors are also extremely impressive. I could not help but wonder the reason behind the organizer's intention to put these World Class exhibits together (in the same event at the same hall) with designs by local university students and designers.

As a visitor, when I first walked into the exhibition hall, I was amazed and impressed by the Japanese innovations. As I walked further to explore the other exhibitors, my heart sank like a stone in water, until I was greeted by the German exhibits. To be frank, the designs by the local exhibitors looked like school projects when compared to the World Class exhibition presented by the Japanese and the German. Location, location, location!

Here are the highlights from the various exhibitors at the show:
Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 Hong Kong Designs
Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 German Inspirations
Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 Japanese Inspirations
Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 Japanese Inspirations II