Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 Japanese Inspirations

The Inno Design Tech Expo was held at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2 to 4 December 2010. It was an opportunity for the industry to showcase and exchange innovative design ideas. Furthermore, the general public can explore innovations by designers from Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong and more.

That's right, HONDA's ASIMO were there!

It is without a doubt that the Japanese are World Class innovators and exhibitors. Working in teams, the Japanese have designed so many great products that simplifies life. They have also created arts that enrich life.

The must see star exhibits of the event were ASIMO by Honda, Key Between People (KBP) by Yamaha and a capsule hotel room of 9h nine hours. As you may be aware, ASIMO is a human like walking robot. KBP is an extremely thin flat piano that brings that audience and performer closer. 9 hours hotel modernized and added style to stack guests on top of each other with (quite frankly) coffin look-a-like capsule hotel rooms. You can see a video of some of these star products in the Japanese Inspirations II post. But wait! there's more!

The Japanese innovations are also very good at combining arts and tools together to present exhibits that improve lifestyle. From an Induction Heating rice cooker; to a Saliu & Wood trivet set, the Anobar, and a Kikouchi-Meijinn noodle maker; the Japanese are pioneers in designing home appliances with great features that are easy to use.
From Top Left: Induction Heating rice cooker. Saliu & Wood trivet set. Anobar. Kikouchi-Meijinn noodle maker

There are also products that aid us to look after our health!
Body composition monitor
Breath (odor) check

These innovators are also believers in preserving traditions. This pair of Jikatabi was invented in the early 1900s as footwear for the Japanese construction worker. This designed was brought back to life by a manufacturer who admires and love to preserve traditional values.

Jikatabi (check out the toe area)

Last but not least, it is clear that the Japanese innovators thought about the needs of everyone.

Wheelchair that can be tailor made

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