Inno Design Tech Expo 2010 Japanese Inspirations II

The Inno Design Tech Expo was held at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2 to 4 December 2010. It was an opportunity for the industry to showcase and exchange innovative design ideas. Furthermore, the general public can explore innovations by designers from Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong and more.

The Japanese are experts in Shows & Expos

It is without a doubt that the Japanese are World Class innovators and exhibitors. Working in teams, the Japanese have designed so many great products that simplifies life. They have also created arts that enrich life. (See also: Japanese Inspirations I)

The Japanese innovations are also very good at combining arts and tools together to present exhibits that improve lifestyle. They know how to design great products; and they know how to present their products in the most appealing way. Here are the solid evidence:

The Japanese designers chose to populate a significant size of their show area with an LCD TV farm. All the TVs were placed at eye-level of an average adult, playing all sorts of demo clips. 

A television farm!

The Japanese telecommunication giant DoCoMo showcased a matrix of cellphones, cameras and smartphones that will be available in Japan in Spring 2011. (And these are only products for the first season!)

As you can see from yesterday's post, the Japanese innovators have carefully chose manikins made of metal strips to present their products in a lively and yet professional way. It was my pleasure to be a visitor of such World Class expo.

Finally, here are some snapshots of the Japanese innovations. In this video you will see the star exhibits of the event: Key Between People (KBP) by Yamaha, JOBA by Panasonic and a capsule hotel room by 9h nine hours. (Note: you can sort of see ASIMO in the background, under the giant screen.)

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