Lion Feeding and Lion Fights @ Rotorua (Videos)

Fancy some lion feeding and lion fights when you are in New Zealand? Sniff around in the Bay of Plenty region!

Paradise Valley Spings is a wildlife park located near Rotorua of New Zealand. It is a zoo operated by a sweet family. You can meet New Zealand birds, trouts, farm animals and a pride of African Lions at a small admission fee. If you wish to make your trip absolutely worthwhile, plan ahead to see the daily lion feeding at 2:30pm!

It took us about an hour to have a comfortable tour of the zoo. In that hour, we took beautiful pictures of sharp looking deers. We came in close contact with unique New Zealand birds (note: they do not have Kiwis). We found trouts in well planned and constructed ponds; and we saw some common as well as unusual farm animals.

The highlight of our visit was definitely the daily lion feeding at 2:30pm. When we arrived at the giant cages at 2:15pm, all the lions were eagerly waiting for their trainer to arrive. The trainer told us that it is common for lions to "sit and chill" for most of the day. They are only active around feeding time.

"Sit and Chill"

The electric fenced cage was thin enough for visitors to get up close with the lions. At the beginning of the feeding session, the trainer fenced a small area with ropes, allowing her to throw raw meat into the cage without splashing blood onto visitor's clothing. She would feed the lions by following the hierarchy of the pride: begin with the dominant male and work her way down the list. The youngest female would usually be fed last.

It must be lunch time!

The lower their status in the pride's hierarchy, the further away they will stay from the center during the feed. Sometimes lions fight over food. This is particularly common in this pride as Max, the dominant male (the noisiest lion in the video), tends to "rob" food from his wives.

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Visitors can pet a lion cub when there are new born in the park. Visit their official website for recent information. (Disclaimer: I am just a tourist who enjoyed my visit. I am not related to the zoo.)