Touching Art: Louvre's Sculptures in Movement

An art experience named, Touching Art: Louvre's Sculptures in Movement, is on display at the Hong Kong Museum of Art from 10 Dec 2010 to 20 Feb 2011. Visitors are encouraged to use their hands to touch and feel the Louvre's sculptures. 

This marvellous event is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Louvre Museum. It goes without saying that the exhibits are replicas of the originals. :)

Louvre Museum's Venus de Milo

Louvre Museum's The rebel slave

Louvre Museum's Dancers

We were not allowed to take photographs in the Museum, as a result, let me present you with the photographs of the posters hanging on the walls of the museum. Our hands were to busy feeling the exhibits anyway! :)

Louvre Museum's Atalanta

Louvre Museum's Hippomenes

Louvre Museum's Mercury attaching his wings

Each visitor was presented with a blind fold (in the form of a pair of glasses) and were encouraged to put on these blind folds once stood in front of the exhibits. From my previous experience at Dialogue in the Dark, I knew our hands (without eyesight) would give us a different perspective into things and matters.

Admission to the museum is $10 HK. Free admission on every Wednesday.