Chinese New Year Displays @ iSQUARE

The Year of the Hare will soon arrive. Since mid-January, shopping malls in Hong Kong set up decors, displays and exhibits to prepare for this important event in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, iSQUARE has obviously mixed up Hare with Hair. Are they celebrating the Year of the Hair with this display at their front door?

The Year of the 'Hair'?

Alright, please excuse my not-so-funny joke. This is obviously a promotional material for the Disney movie "Tangled". While it was already released in the USA, the Hong Kong movie distributor has decided to wait until the Chinese New Year holiday to target children (who are on school holidays) and their parents.

As a result, it makes perfect business sense for the iSQUARE mall to set up such non-traditional Chinese New Year displays, considering the cinema at iSQUARE is one of the busiest and the most expensive in town. I could not help but wonder, can this unusual golden plait really replace the cute bunnies?

Tangled at iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui

Another eye-opening fact is that, there is a well known urban legend (ie. ghost story) originated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong called... "The Plait". Would the good fortune Peach Blossoms cover this unusual decision? Am I thinking too much? Anyway, I am sure that Tangled is a great Disney movie!