Chinese New Year Rabbit Displays @ Kowloon Park

Today is the twenty-second day of the twelve month in the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year will arrive in just ten days! Shopping malls and public areas have already set up decors and exhibits to celebrate this important event in the Lunar Calendar. Everyone in Hong Kong can easily absorb the cheers and joy floating in the air.

Chinese New Year Rabbit decor at Kowloon Park

This is the Year of the Hare, also known as the Year of the Rabbit. Images, logos and cartoon icons of hares, rabbits and bunnies are everywhere. We will bring you pictures from different corners of Hong Kong to share how a modern city in China celebrates this traditional festival.

Pedestrian on Nathan Road can easily spot this giant golden rabbit that sits on the top three arch gateways. Similar to the Greek, the ancient Chinese mastered the skills to build arch gateways and bridges for centuries. These temporary gateways lead visitors into the Kowloon Park from the Park Lane shopping area. Musics are played at regular intervals while smaller rabbits and carrots rotate on the platform.

The Year of the Golden Rabbit

The plant on the platform are peach blooms. They are believe to be great for enhancing one's popularity, attractiveness to the opposite sex or love relationships in general.