Cute Monkeys at Hong Kong's Monkey Hill

Kam Shan (translates to: Golden Hill) Country Park is also known as the "Monkey Hill" in Hong Kong. There are literally thousands of wild monkeys in the area. If you are keen to observe monkeys, if you wish to be surrounded by monkeys, hiking on the MacLehose Trail Stage Six is a choice idea!

Hong Kong's "Monkey Hill"

Before you pack your bags, let me tell you the story about the monkeys first. The message of the story is simple: Please DO NOT feed the wild monkeys.

Once upon a time, the monkeys at Monkey Hill were a bunch of cute and smart creatures, who were afraid of human beings and were too shy to take photographs with tourists. One day, visitors of the park started to feed them with fruits, nuts, potato chips, fried chicken and all sort of processed snacks... (which is a bad idea!)

Monkeys enjoying a sunny afternoon with buddies.

The monkeys became brave and naughty. They soon learned that human beings use plastic bags to carry food. They would began with sending eye signals to visitors and ask for food; they get grumpy if visitors do not offer food; and then attack the plastic bags.

Nowadays, they come in groups and are not really afraid of human beings. Some hungry monkeys would even sit on the road side and wait for visitors to arrive (and feed them). They are known to attack visitors with plastic bags or fruits in their hands. 

The park administrations and the police has put up huge signs to ask visitors not to feed the monkeys. There are actually enough food in the forest the monkeys. They are now too lazy to look for food; or perhaps they are addicted to McDonalds and KFC fastfood? 

Despite of the repeated warnings and potential fine, visitors of the park STILL feed these monkeys. These visitors are usually very "smart" and hide within their vehicles to protect themselves. They began with offering food to one little monkey. That monkey whistled and within two minutes, there car was surrounded by hundreds of monkeys! Imagine what the monkeys would do when the visitors ran out of food to offer?

Monkeys can appear from everywhere when there is food!

For your own safety, please do not feed the monkeys. It would also be a good idea to hide fruits from the sight of the monkeys. Human and nature can live in peace, as long as both side obey to the rules!