Earth From Above: Animals

The world famous aerial portrait exhibition "Earth From Above" is in Hong Kong China from 29 Dec 2010 to 29 Dec 2011. Hundreds of magnificent photographs captured by master Yann Arthus-Bertrand are printed and presented on the roof-top of the China Hong Kong Harbour Ferry terminal.

Fact: "Livestock emits 18% of greenhouse gases, more than the transport sector!"

The purpose of this exhibition is to promote green living towards sustainable development. The general public can admire amazing photographs taken at the various corners of the world; and learn about the damages that human beings has been doing to our planet.

Whale off the coast of the Valdes peninsula, Argentina

The images presented are photographs of the large prints that are on displays at Hong Kong. They have been re-sized and re-cropped. There might also be unwanted glare or shadows in some of the photos. 

Details of the images presented in the collage:
  • Dromedary Caravan near Nouakchott, Mauritania
  • Whale off the coast of the Valdes peninsula, Argentina
  • Flamingos on Lake Nakuru, Kenya
  • Gannet colony, Eldey island, Iceland
  • Birds flying over the lagoon near the mangroves of San Blas, Mexico

You can download high-quality wallpapers from Mr. Arthus-Bertrand's official website for personal use at