Tramping @ MacLehose Trail Stage Six

The MacLehose Trail is a hiking trail that stretches from the East to the West of Hong Kong's New Territories. The whole trail is 100 km and it looks like a belt of Hong Kong on the map. The MacLehose Trail is divided into ten stages. 

Where MacLehose Trail Stage Six begins.

Stage Six is the shortest (4.6 km) and the easiest out of all stages. It begins at the corner of Tai Po Road and Golden Hill Road; ends at the Shing Mun Reservoir barbecue park. Trampers can expect great scenic views at the Kowloon Reservoir, Shek Lai Pui Reservoir and Shing Mun Reservoir.

Warning: This is a huge colony of wild monkeys at the Kan Shan Country Park (where MacLehose Trail Stage Six pass through). For your own safety, please DO NOT feed the monkeys and hide any food or plastic bags when you see them.

Kowloon Reservoir

Trampers would walk on Golden Hill Road in the first 2/3 of MacLehose Trail Stage Six. It is a concrete paved road that is suitable for common vehicles. This part is easy very to hike on and hence made it the easiest stage. (Trampers should watch out for the traffic tho.)

There are side tracks should you wish to explore the Kam Shan Country Park. If you intend to stay on the MacLehose Trail, stay on the Golden Hill Road (for 3 km) and do not turn until you see this:

Look for and follow this post if you wish to stay on MacLehose Trail.

After around 1 hour of hiking, tramper would need to make a right turn into the bushes to continue to hike. The last 1/3 of the Stage Six is mostly open area (oversees Kwai Chung area) with some bushes. There are also several desolate trenches (from World War II) in this section.

WWII trench on the MacLehose Trail Stage Six

This photo has not been fine-tuned to present the smog that often covers Hong Kong.

Sunset @ Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Stage Six ends at a barbecue park near Shing Mun Reservoir. It is also where Stage Seven begins. For trampers who wish to finish at Stage Six, a 15 minute walk can take them to a near by mini bus station (look for the "To mini-bus station" direction post). Be prepared to call a taxi if you arrived at an unusual hour. There are good cellphone coverage at the barbecue park and mini bus station.

Where MacLehose Trail Stage Six ends.

Shing Mun Reservoir

MacLehose Trail hosts the annual Oxfam Hong Kong Trailwalker charity event (in which many unfit middle management and finance elites would "challenge" themselves with a sleepless 100 km hike and come back to the office with sore feet).

This trail was named after Sir Murray MacLehose who was the longest serving Governor of Hong Kong who himself is a hiking enthusiast.

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