Chinese New Year Displays @ The ONE

The Chinese New Year day will soon arrive. Since mid-January, shopping malls in Hong Kong set up decors, displays and exhibits to celebrate this important event in the Lunar Calendar. This is the Year of the Hare or the Year of the Rabbit. Rabbit icons or symbols are usually associated with cute, care, pure, love and clean.

Chinese New Year displays at The ONE shopping mall, Tsim Sha Tsui

The ONE at Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the malls that chose not to put the cute hare into the center of attention. The reason is simple, they are cooperating with movie distributors to promote a New Year Holiday movie.

In addition to promoting a local made movie, they have also included Chocolate Rain: a cartoon character created by a local artist. While I respect the business decision to cooperate with the entertainment industry, I cannot find the connection between Chinese New Year, this local comedy, Chocolate Rain, Valentine's day and The ONE. Would the Peach Blossoms in the background and the red carpet save the day?

Chocolate Rain the cartoon character

Speaking of the Hong Kong movie industry, it had a really rough time in the past ten years. Cinema goers would rather watch Hollywood movies (which are guaranteed to have better plot, action and special effects). The industry found a way out in recent years, make movies to suit the tastes of the mainland China audience. Despite of the peaks and through, the New Year holiday period has always been a key tactical period for the movie industry. It is not surprising to see that they are using every possible channel to promote.