Chocolate Trail 2011 @ Harbour City

The Harbour City shopping complex at Tsim Sha Tsui has prepared something sweet for the up coming Valentine's Day: Chocolate Trail 2011.

Chocolate Trail 2011 at Harbour City, Hong Kong

These Chocolate rabbits (that are made of plastic) are on displayed at the various corners of the shopping mall. The common areas were also paved with pictures of irresistible chocolate. There is even a small Chocolate bar maze.

Chocolate Maze at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The design of the rabbits are cute yet thoughtful. Some of these rabbits are chairs for bored husbands and boyfriends to sit on while waiting for their other half.

A Chocolate bunny chair

Although these exhibits are no where near Willy Wonka's creations, they should last from the Chinese New Year of the Hare, to Valentine's Day, and until Easter in April!

Bunny welcome you to Chocolate Maze

A cup of hot chocolate for you Sir?

Hurry! Oh, am I spilling yummy chocolate?

Some chocolate to go with tea, Madam?

Go and check out the Chocolate Trail in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong!