Dessert Displays @ Windsor House

The Windsor House shopping mall, with such a strong "English-Royalty" taste in its name, requires a bit of "out of the box" thinking when it comes to Chinese New Year Displays. This modern mall at Causeway Bay has put up a "food and royal themed" displays to celebrate the Year of the Hare.

Royalty treatment at Windsor House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Shoppers can take their turn to experience a touch of European Royalty under the Crown during this traditional Chinese festival. Lovers can also share their passion with each other in front of these yummy dessert decors on the coming St. Valentine's day.

First Class Seat - Royal Treatment

Hum... at least the set up looks colourful and nice. Apart from pondering their taste in Chinese New Year displays, I have also wondered the overall plan or theme of the mall. The Windsor House had a major interior renovation in 2009. Before the renovation, the shopping mall lacks the atmosphere to attract foot traffic from the heart of Causeway Bay (an area made for shopping on the Hong Kong Island). 

Chinese New Year Displays at Windsor House

After the renovation, the overall class of the mall has certainly improved. However, there is still something unusual about the setup that has not made it a popular shopping mall. I suspect the landlord is also wondering what that "something" is.