Giant Chinese Lanterns @ Elements

The New Year Day of the Chinese Lunar calendar has finally arrived. Since I currently reside in Hong Kong, let me adopt the local tradition and wish everyone a blessed and a prosperous New Year, "Kung Hei Fat Choi"! 

Giant Lantern at the Elements, Kowloon

The whole of Hong Kong has been preparing for this big day in the Chinese calendar to arrive. Shopping malls and public parks have put up either "generic new year themed" or "rabbit themed" displays and decors to welcome the Year of the Hare. This year, Elements, a famous up market shopping mall in Kowloon has installed a giant lantern and an extremely impressive collection of smaller revolving lanterns.

This is one huge lantern

Chinese New Year Lanterns at Elements in Hong Kong

This impressive double story lantern is simply overwhelming. It looked so grand yet so charmingly warm.  A collection of smaller lanterns were added to further enhanced the quality of the overall picture. Most of these smaller lanterns are revolving lanterns that rotates on an axis that adds a spin when displaying these traditional yet modern patterns. 

Traditional revolving lanterns apply the "hot air rises" principle. They were designed to take advantage of the heat produced by lighting candles, to push a shaft that moves an inner layer of pictures, which ultimately creates a motion picture. Nowadays, everything can easily be done by light bulbs and electric motors. 

Revolving lanterns and Starbucks

Revolving lanterns and Crystal Benz

Traditional displays such as these lantern certainly helps to enhance the joyful and cheerful Chinese New Year atmosphere in town. Once again, on behalf of SimpleDreamer, a happy new year to those who are celebrating; and I also wish everyone a fruitful year ahead, even if today is just another Thursday to you!

An amazing collection of Lanterns at the Elements shopping complex