Lion Dance @ The Year of the Rabbit

One of the great events to look for during the Chinese New Year period is the traditional Lion Dance. Martial art practitioners would group in pairs and dress up as "lions" to perform in front of live audiences.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance, Hong Kong

The lion dancers are supported by a life band playing traditional Chinese music instruments. They would play loud and heart-beating music to "scare all the monsters away".

There are different styles and types of lion dances. Practitioners from different clubs or organizations perform differently. In the follow videos are examples of some of the Chinese Lion Dances I have captured for you during this Year of the Hare New Year period.

The first video is a Lion Dance performance designed and performed to impress the audience. You can see dotting the eye and pole-jumping moves in the video.

The performances in the second videos are designed to wish the buildings or shops good luck in the coming year. You can see the eating the green / vegetables" ("Choi Cheng") moves and teasing by the Big Head Buddha in this video.

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