New Zealand Focus: Home away from Home

G'day, today is the National Day of New Zealand. Commonly known as the Waitangi Day, it is an annual public holiday that commemorates the signing of Treaty of Waitangi on 6 Feb 1840. New Zealanders see this treaty between the British and the Maori as the founding document of New Zealand.

New Zealand Focus, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

As a Kiwi in Hong Kong, I have been wondering what should the post on New Zealand's National Day be? Presenting a "home for all Kiwis" in Hong Kong. The New Zealand Focus shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island.

New Zealand Focus called themselves a retail and information centre. When I last visited in 2009, it was a three-story shop that sells and promotes New Zealand products. Setup by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (a government agency), New Zealand Focus is focused on seeking trade opportunities for Kiwi exporters.

New Zealand Focus in it's previous location.

The ground level show cased (and offer for retail) New Zealand's processed food (e.g. biscuits, honey) and beauty & care products (e.g. hand lotions). The first floor is a show room of New Zealand designed electrical products, which also offers "study in New Zealand" information. The second floor are conference rooms and administration area. 

A recent visit to their website indicates that they have moved to a new site in Causeway Bay in Dec 2010. The new location is closer to the heart of the Causeway Bay shopping area. The address might have changed, but the fact that it is a "home away from home" has not changed. It's probably time for me to visit New Zealand Focus in its' new location again.