Recycle Train @ City Garden

I came across this "Recycle Train" at the City Garden residential groups at North Point on the Hong Kong Island. This multi-purpose recycle bin is decorated just like a modern underground train in Hong Kong. 

Recycle Train at City Garden, Hong Kong

In the past decades, the government has been promoting the recycling of paper, plastics and metals. However, the recycling culture in Hong Kong is yet to improve. By having more recycling facilities at the residential areas can certainly encourage residents to recycle.

The City Garden did beyond recycling just papers, plastics and metals. This recycle train collects old textiles, CD and printer toners! It would be wonderful if it also has a compartment that collects old cell phone batteries.

The Recycle Train and the Conserve the Environment Vending Machine are great designs with a good cause that we wish to see more.