Seal Carving at The K.S. Lo Gallery

A collection of magnificent seal craving art displays are currently on display at the new wing of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, the K.S. Lo Gallery.

The K.S. Lo Gallery

Seal Carving involves cultivating and sculpturing rocks or other hard objects. It is an art that combines calligraphy, carving and painting. 

Chinese Seal Craving at the K.S. Lo Gallery

Chinese seal carving involves digging the stamp patterns; as well as sculpting the overall look of the stamp itself. The base of stamps are usually artistic presentation of Chinese calligraphy; where the body of the stamps are shaped into various animals of good fortune.

Stamps shaped into animals of good fortune

Giant Stamp at the K.S. Lo Gallery

Giant Seal Carving in Hong Kong

This new wing of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware was named after an entrepreneur K.S. Lo for generously donating his collection of Tea Ware for public displays. 

Bird eye view of Chairs at the K.S. Lo Gallery

Dr. Lo (1910-1995) founded Vitasoy, a company that produced flavoured soy milk-products since 1940. These drinks ties to the heart of most of the locals in Hong Kong, as well as Chinese in mainland Chinese, Canada and the USA. Today, Vitasoy produces a wide range of flavoured drinks. The spirits of Mr. Lo lives on.
A stamp that reads: "The Museum of Tea Ware" in Chinese

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