Lover's Rock @ Wan Chai

The Lover's Rock at the Bowen Road of Wan Chai is believed to grant happy marriages to its worshippers. Literally translate to the rock of love and relationships, this special rock has the power to offer husbands to single ladies; and offer babies to wives.

Since it's discovery some 60 years ago, the locals have decorated and built a mini-temple adjacent to this unique rock. Whether you are a believer of its powers, a visit to the Lover's Rock can certainly improve your health with its 30 ~ 45 minutes walk from all main roads.

The Lover's Rock, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The Lover's Rock reward its visitors with a scenic view as it is also a lookout of the Wan Chai area. It is always open to the public and there are no admission fees. There are various ways to go to the Lover's Rock. The approach I took was a down hill walk from the mid-levels.

Here is a "Wan Chai Area half-day trip" route for your reference:
- Take the No.15 bus from Admiralty (MTR Exit C1), get off at the bus stop between Stubbs Road and Peak Road, visit the Police Museum.
- Return to the same bus stop, cross the road and walk downhill along Wan Chai Gap Road. (Look for the posts with Pink direction signs.)
- Turn into Bowen Road and visit the Lover's Rock.
- Return to Wan Chai Gap Road, walk down hill to see the Old Wan Chai Post Office and the Blue House.
- Be prepared to walk for around 1.5 hours.