Tai O Fishing Village - Part I

A quiet fishing village name Tai O on the Lantau Island became a popular tourist attraction in recent years. The "Venice of Hong Kong" offers a unique cultural experience to its visitors. In just three to four hours, visitors can see stilt houses built on riverbanks, visit small yet historical temples, purchase salted or marinated food produced by the locals.

Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Stilt houses, or "Pang Uks" in the local language, built on the waterways are home to Tai O residence. Most friendly villagers are happy to share their daily lives their visitors. Tourists can admire and photograph these unique architectures by walking within the area, or go on a boat trip and observe from the waterways.

An important bridge that links both sides of Tai O

A short boat trip of the Tai O area costs HKD 20 per person. Apart from their current homes, the locals will take visitors to the remains of abandoned stilts houses from a fire in July 2000. The boat will also travel to the coasts of the Lantau Island to locate a pod of China White Dolphins (which visitors are unlikely to encounter). Nonetheless, the boat trip is a worthwhile experience.

Tai O Stilt Houses

Stilt House, or Pang Uks (taken from a boat) at Tai O

You can take buses (recommended) or other means of public transportation to the Tai O Fishing Village. Visitors of Tai O would usually either catch a bus from the Tung Chung MTR (railway) station; or catch a bus from the bus station at the Ngong Ping Village.

We will have a look into other attractions in Part II.