Tai O Fishing Village - Part II

Nicknamed "Venice of Hong Kong", Tai O fishing village on the Lantau Island offers a unique half day outdoor and cultural experience to its visitors. We have presented the stilt houses built on waterways in Part I. Let's have a look at the culture preserved in this remote fishing village.

Dried / salted fish and egg yolk at Tai O, Hong Kong

Whether you are keen to purchase dried or salted food; or just curious to observe how the locals hand-made these produce, you will find lots of interesting cultural practices in Tai O. Salted-fish lovers would be able to detect the distinct smell as soon as they entered the village; as the local still fish in the near by sea areas, sun dry and marinate the catch of the day.

Visiting kids and parents learning how to make sun-dried yolk from the locals

The locals also offers sun-dried salted egg yolk at reasonable prices. Organized tours of parents and kids can learn how to extract the yolk from duck eggs by hand. Other traditional food offered by the locals include marinated vegetables, meat skewers and a variety of desserts.

The shops are owned and operated by the locals. Let's hope that this would remain unchanged as more and more real estates in Hong Kong are owned and operated by big corporates who put investment returns as their first priority.

Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tai O is relatively free of motor vehicles (apart from public transportation such as buses) as the preferred mode of transportation within the village is by feet, on boat or on bicycles. As a result, Tai O offers a green and rather clean scenic views. Its mix of mountains and seabeds are rare luxuries in a modern city like Hong Kong.

You can take buses (recommended) or other means of public transportation to the Tai O Fishing Village. Visitors of Tai O would usually either catch a bus from the Tung Chung MTR (railway) station; or catch a bus from the bus station near the Ngong Ping Village.

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