Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong

In recent years, several Asian movie stars have made to the international stage. NONE of them is as iconic as the master of martial arts, Mr. Bruce Lee.

A statue of Bruce Lee stands strong on the Avenue of Stars, a place that honours local celebrities, at the Tsim Sha Tsui of Kowloon. On a fine day, the statue has created a magnificent scene at the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour.

In my previous visit, it took a photo of this statue from one angle. It is quite natural to take a photograph with Bruce facing the camera. 

However, magical things happens when we capture the statue from different angles! A big bravo for the person or the team who created this lively statue.

One recommendation for the authorities. From memory, those barriers did not exist previously. Having the barriers might protect the statue, it has unfortunately created an image of a cage. Please do not lock our Dragon in a cage!

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