Noah's Ark @ Hong Kong

Noah's Ark Hong Kong
33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

Noah's Ark, the famous vessel from the story in the Book of Genesis, has launched in Hong Kong. Built like a giant wooden ark, the facility is a park, exhibition centre, restaurant, outdoor adventure playground and classroom facilities all in one; Hong Kong's Noah's Ark promotes love and care to other human beings and the nature.

Noah's Ark, Ma Wan, Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Noah Ark (挪亞方舟 or 諾亞方舟 in Chinese) is operated by several Christian groups targeting schools and young families. A ticket offers admission to the main gallery and classroom type activities for mainly young children.

The main gallery (i.e. Ark Expo) is a multi-media exhibition area that is worth a visit. In addition to telling the Noah's Ark story, the area introduces other Noah's Ark themed facilities around the world. It also tries to convince its visitors to love others and love the nature. The exhibition area also tries to promote Christianity to its visits in a rather "soft" approach, which might not be the cup of tea for those who are sensitive about these issues.

Hong Kong Noah's Ark 香港挪亞方舟

The quality of the other areas are armature. After all, they are run by volunteers from the various Christian group. The door area (i.e. Ark Garden) provides plenty of photograph opportunities.

Animals at Hong Kong Noah's Ark Noah's Ark 香港挪亞方舟

A bus trip from the Tsing Yi or Kwai Fong MTR (subway) stations can take you to an area called Ma Wan. Get off at the first bus stop after the toll station, walk through a small shopping mall, walk under a bridge and walk for 5 to 10 minutes to find the entrance. Although you can see the Noah's Ark as soon as you are in the Ma Wan area, and you can see inside of the park through shut gates. the actual entrance to the park is the end of the road, making it rather difficult to locate.

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