Stanley @ Hong Kong

According to some, the shape of the Hong Kong Island looks like a giant frog. A small district on one of the frog's back legs, Stanley, is a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley is also a quiet residential area; home to a correctional complex, historic buildings and declared monuments. The Stanley Market is a famous bargain shopping area for souvenirs, clothes and snacks; where the Stanley beach is a well known wind surfing and dragon boating beach.

Clear signage near bus stops

If you mention the name "Stanley" to the locals in Hong Kong, the first word that would pop-up in their head is likely to be "prison". Since 1937, a maximum security level correctional facility has been housing the most hardened of criminals from the Hong Kong Judicial System. The Correctional Services Museum located at the entrance to the Stanley Prison tells the story behind bars.
Hong Kong Correction Service Museum

The township of Stanley is full of excitement. Designed for tourist, the Stanley Market offers unique "bargain-shopping" experience. Next to the markets, near the waterfront, are a collection of outdoor cafes and bars.

Stanley waterfront, Hong Kong

In 2002, Stanley became the new home to Murray House, a 1846 building that was relocated from Central (on the other side of the Hong Kong Island). 

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Stanley Market