Tsing Ma Bridge @ Ma Wan

An Island named Ma Wan is located between the Lantau Island and Tsing Yi Island. Together with Tsing Yi, Ma Wan gave a famous bridge that connects the Hong Kong International Airport with the town, the "Tsing Ma Bridge", its name.

Ma Wan and Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

Ma Wan is a residential area, a popular Wedding photography location, as well as home to Ma Wan Park and Hong Kong's Noah's Ark exhibition center.

Tsing Ma Beach

At Ma Wan, visitors can get closed to the Tsing Ma Bridge, world's longest span suspension bridge carrying both road and railway traffic. The scene is terrific on a clear day at sun set. Plenty of local movies and television programs were shot on the beach at Ma Wan.

Beach @ Ma Wan

Please note that only vehicles with permits can enter Ma Wan. Visitors can however take a bus trip from the Tsing Yi or Kwai Fong MTR (subway) stations.

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