Turtle, Egg and Egg holder

We would like to take advantage of the April Fool's Day to share an interesting story with YOU. It is story related to the fortune or "feng shui" of Hong Kong that we cannot verify its authenticity. It is however so intriguing that we must post it on our blog.
Turtle, Egg and Egg holder, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

This is a photograph of Hong Kong was taken at a key tourist attraction The Peak. On a fine day, you can clearly see the buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbour.

The arrows indicates the names of the buildings involved in our story, and they are:

In our story, we will refer these buildings as: the turtle, the egg and the egg holder.

(1) The Turtle
Once upon a time, there was an invisible turtle climbing towards the Peak of the Victoria mountain. The locals believed that once this giant turtle has reached the Victoria Peak, the people of Hong Kong will suffer.

A Feng Shui master suggests to the locals that they should build a visible turtle that crouch at the water front. As a result, the new wing of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre was built.

(2) The Egg
With the turtle relocated, the locals still believed that the fortune of Hong Kong has not improved. Another Feng Shui master explained that, instead of climbing towards the Victoria Peak, the turtle is trying to reach for its egg (the Hong Kong Space Museum), directly across, on the other side of the Victoria Harbour! To make the situation worst, the Turtle is dragging the Hong Kong Island along with it!
(3) The Egg Holder
Fortunately, the egg has its egg holder (the Hong Kong Cultural Centre) that would secure its presence and partially shelter the egg from the turtle. It is however an interim solution, and it is believed that Hong Kong must find a long term solution to secure its good fortune...

Some suspects that the new "inverted U-shape" Hong Kong government administration building (under construction) might be a potential solution, some suspects that more odd looking structures will be built on the West Kowloon Cultural area to resolve this "turtle problem". You may hear an extension of this interesting story on our blog one day... :)