The Road Ahead

This is the 200th post on Simple. Travel and Show. Blog! We have made it! Since October 2010, we have been presenting one post per day on each and every day! The Blog has evolved from presenting technology related posts to travel related insights in the Asia-Pacific region: in particular Hong Kong and Shows and Expos in Hong Kong.

While selecting the TOP 3 POSTS presented on Simple. Travel and Show. Blog in each month from November 2010 to April 2011, the memories of travelling in Australia and New Zealand, various corners of China Hong Kong to sight see and attend the various Shows and Expos flashed back. They were fun!

Simple. Travel and Show. Blog will continue to present interesting travel related posts in the Asia-Pacific region. Although we will continue to deliver intriguing content, the approach will be slightly different. Let's take a short break from posting and come back with a fresh new look!

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