M&M's World near Time Square

Literally a block away from Time Square New York, the sweetest store opens its door for y'all. It's the M&M's World Time Square! Whether you are a fan of M&M's chocolate or not, it's one of the must-go places when you next visit New York.

I am not crazy about these colour coated chocolate, and I certainly did not know such wonderland exist. Instead, the store has managed to find me with it's giant outdoor TV screen, showing images of M&M's cartoon characters. Without perceptions and had no idea what to expect, I stepped into my treat of the day.

You can easily find the store from afar

The moment I walked into this colourful store located at the heart of NYC, the aroma of freshly roasted chocolate took my breath away. I was surrounded by thousands of m&m's merchandise: cups, mugs, plates, boxes, bags, you name it. Of course not to mention a huge selection of  m&m's chocolates gift boxes. All these colourful merchandises were arranged and presented in a uniform yet creative way. Although someone later (weeks later) informed me that the premium can be avoid if I shop in supermarkets or at the airport. Nonetheless, I had a great time shopping there. I brought many souvenirs!

Even if you have no plans to shop, go visit this three stories paradise next time when you are at Time Square and bring back some sweet memories!