Food @ Ho Chi Minh City

One of the MUST-DOs in Vietnam is to taste its local cuisine. Vietnamese rice noodles in soup (Phở in Vietnamese) is an excellent choice. The popularity of "Pho" can be represented by a T-shirt I saw in Ben Thanh Market that reads "iPho" (as in brother of iPhone).

Vietnamese rice noodles Phở

They are not to be confused with the Chinese egg noodles that you might have tasted before. Vietnamese noodles are made with rice and can easily be distinguished by its pure white colour. Furthermore, their texture are tender yet soft.

Vietnamese rice noodles Phở

Vietnamese noodles are usually cooked with thin slices of beef or chicken with a handful of assorted vegetables. They are usually served in a bowl of soup with tiny bit of herbs and leafs. The flavour of a bowl of Pho (Vietnamese rice noodles) is usually not too salty, not too strong, and just right.

Vietnamese spring rolls

The other must have dish is Vietnamese spring rolls. Again, they are not to be confused with the Chinese springs rolls that you might have before. Chinese springs rolls are usually heavily-deep fried. They are oily inside out. Although Vietnamese spring rolls are also fried, they don't have the oily-taste that Chinese spring rolls have. This may be the reason why Vietnamese spring rolls tastes better.

Malaysia Laska

During my visit, I also had a bowl of Laska noodles. This is however a famous Malaysia dish. I'll share the photo anyway.

You have GOT to try Vietnamese food when you visit Vietnam!

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