Food @ New Delhi

There is a saying: you have never been to a place without tasting its local food. That's why no matter how short my stay was in New Delhi, I made an effort to attempt local food. In India, one must have curry!

A taste of Lamb Curry in New Delhi

I have always been a BIG fan of spicy curry! Until this visit, I have never had a taste of Indian curry in India. I couldn't help to wonder whether the curry I had all these years were "genuine" or have been "modified" to suit local's taste? I aimed to find an answer in this visit.

Perfectly baked naan नान रोटी

Although I had this urge in mind, I still had to be careful of what I eat to avoid upsetting my stomach. I have managed to have a taste of fabulous Lamb Curry (my apology for not being able to memorize its curry type), with naan bread (करी and नान रोटी in Hindi). It was quite something! It was also a good benchmark for me to determine which of the curry I had in past years were authentic or not. I also had a taste of samosa (समोसा), which is a local snack, it was wonderful.

Food from the "American Embassy"

McChicken tasted the same!

My other mission was to gather "data" on whether "The World is Flat" when it comes to fast foods. I have specially ordered McDonalds deliver of a Chicken burger. The taste was rather similar. A glass of local Pepsi suggested that that sugar content in India Pepsi seems lower. I heard that the locals loves extremely sweet desserts. Lowering the sugar in local soft drinks might help.

If I have another opportunity to visit India, I would definitely have more curry. Yum!

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