Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre Revisited

We blogged about Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre in February 2011. For some bazaar reason, something escaped from our eyes during the previous visit. We have recently revisited these former Whitfield Barracks at Kowloon Park. To our surprise, we have discovered a decent size public gallery on Chinese history. 

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

While we still couldn't believed that we have overlooked such treasure, we tried to comfort ourselves by suspecting that the gallery was setup recently.

This small exhibition hall presents historical pieces from different Dynasties in Chinese history. From cooking and eating to architecture, bits and pieces of Chinese history are presented using exhibits that are mostly replicas. Historical footage and documentaries are played at designated tiny cinemas.

Porcelain at Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

What really caught our eyes was a room full of broken pieces of porcelain made during the Ming Dynasty. Artists were able to turn something that are of little value (since there are still plenty of well kept Ming pottery in this world) into a room full of wows. See it for yourself in this video.

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