Ocean Park Hong Kong: News and Tips

In the previous post we shared the unofficial success story of Ocean Park Hong Kong. Let's talk about the theme park experience itself in this post. Ocean Park Hong Kong built many new attractions in the past 10 years, and in particular the past 5 years. These new facilities gave the 35 year old park a fresh image.

Ocean Park Hong Kong and its famous Sea Horse logo

The main entrance area now looks just like any other world class theme park. From the moment visitors enter the park, the "magical" theme began to build up. Facilities that visitors see in the next five minutes continues this theme.

The giant blue egg is Ocean Park's 香港海洋公园 new aquarium

The welcome entrance area of Ocean Park (香港海洋公园 in Chinese) is centered around a big fountain and is surrounded by souvenir shops. Actual hot air balloon and hot air balloon like structures uplifted the theme park spirit. As visitor walks into the park, they can see an giant egg shape building which is the aquarium, as well as hut shape buildings that are home of two pairs of Panda.

Cable Car at Ocean Park 香港海洋公园

Park guests can ride on cable cars to go to other parts of the theme park located on the other side of the mountain. For those who are not friends of heights, the Ocean Express funicular train also does the same trick. Having said that, the cable car is one of Ocean Parks' key feature that one should try where ever possible. Although it is elder, it felt much safer than Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car at Tung Chung. The view from Ocean Park's cable car is stunning. On a clear day, guests can easily admire the view of Repulse Bay from Ocean Park's cable car.

Polar Adventure: Home to a collection of Arctic and Antarctic Animals

There are plenty of websites and blogs that talk about Ocean Park's famous features. Allow me to mention one recent setup before I move on to tips. The park recently completed its Polar Adventure area that presents Arctic and Antarctic Animals. It employs immerse presentation of which the animals swims around, above or below you. It is something worth check out. Take a look at this Pacific Walruses.

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Just like any other theme park, Ocean Park is expensive to enter, expensive to get to and stops you from bring in food, so that it can sell expensive tasteless food. The above can all be avoided. There are forums and agents that sell discounted tickets. They are usually travel agents that are based in China. The tickets are genuine, so that they are originally intended for Chinese tours. The other approach to go with a Birthday boy or girl (or Birthday adults). The birthday person gets free entry while guests are entitled to half price. If the above are not practical to you, as a bear minimum, look for discounts printed on travel books or advertisements at MTR (local railway) stations.

The is a bus that travels from Admiralty MTR station to the front entrance of Ocean Park. You can pay 1/4 the price and avoid the crowd by taking a bus near Causeway Bay Time Square and get off at the first station once exit Aberdeen Tunnel. A five to ten minute walk can take to the same entrance. These information are available on Ocean Park's official site.

Assuming that you are not interested in smuggle food into the theme park, you can purchase reasonable food at reasonable price in Ocean Park. The condition is that, do not buy food from their restaurant. There food stores in the park that sells filling food at acceptable price. Look for fried chicken and french fries on the Ocean Park map.

Although there are plenty that I can write about Ocean Park, I will leave the theme park for your to explore. 

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