Wellcome Angry Birds

Unless you have been living in a stone cave, the name Angry Birds would not be foreign to you. Unless you have lived in Hong Kong, you would think that I misspelled welcome in the post title.

Angry Birds soft toys at Hong Kong Supermarket

Angry Birds need no introduction; and Wellcome is a major supermarket chain in Hong Kong. Angry Birds have landed in Wellcome!

Wellcome customers who wish to get their hand on Angry Birds soft toys can begin by collecting coupons while shopping. For every HK$60 spent, you will receive one coupon. Simply repeat this for 60 times to receive one Angry Birds soft toy for free. Repeat this 8 times to collect them ALL. US$1 approximately equal to HK$7.8, wow, do the maths!

Collect 60 stamps to get 1 free toy. Then, repeat this for another 7 times before mid-October.

I have never been a fan of soft toys. I don't think I will ever collect 60 coupons during the promotional period. The moment that the supermarket cashier handed me the first coupons, I begin to realized that people in Hong Kong somehow are addicted to collecting all sorts of coupons. 

Wondering what to do with these Angry Birds coupons...

Retail chains of all kind give out different types on coupons for X dollars spent, buying item Y will give you additional coupon. If you cannot collect enough coupons during the promotional period, just add $Z dollars to your coupons to redeem your free gift!

One can easily collect a hand full of coupons from all sorts of store, you just have to figure out how and where to keep them and remember when will the promotional period expires. It's simply fascinating.

By the way, I've finally tried Bad Piggies yesterday. I must say, it's not as easy and as fun as Angry Birds.