Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market is one of the must go places when you are in this part of Thailand. The other three alternatives are: go back to hotel and sleep early; hang out at pubs; or attempt foot and body massage. A visit to the night market is probably the only night activity that suits the whole family.

Hua Hin Night Market, Thailand

Located at Hua Hin city center, Hua Hin night market is just 3 minutes walk from the clock tower; 10 minutes walk from Hua Hin beach. The night market is centered around one street, Hua Hin 72, and stretched along two blocks. Groceries and food stores are scattered in near by open areas. 

The grocery stores, or should I say grocery counters, offers flea market type items. This type of bargaining markers are rather common in Asia. In Hong Kong alone, there are Temple Street, Fa Yuen (Garden) Street, Sai Yeung Choi Street, Stanly Market... to name a few. One can find goods that suits daily needs, hand crafted or hand made items, as well as the "standard" souvenirs.

The food stores offer a variety of delicious bite: from seafood to chicken skews; from BBQ steaks to local noodles; from snack to juice. Compared with night markets in Hong Kong, the food stores in Hua Hin night market are slightly more organized and clean. The food store operators sure know how to keep tourist curious about the food they can offer.

Apart from the groceries and food stores, what caught our attention was a tank of tiny fishes. Next to the fish tanks is a hand written sign that read "Foot Massage". The operator spoke little English (and I couldn't speak Thai). I understood from him that these fishes give massage by biting one's feet. It would also remove dead skins at the same time. What a natural way to give your feet a treat. All you need to do is soak your feet in the tank.

Fish Massages!

Prior to putting our feet into the tank of fish, the operator rubbed my feet with a piece of damp cloth. There has got to be some special liquid on that cloth. As soon as I put my feet into the tank, my feet became an instant celebrity. The fishes in the tank were chasing and kissing my feet as if teenage girls chasing and kissing Justin Bieber. Every time in contact, the fishes offer tiny stings. The feeling is itchyly weird.

Greetings from Ronald! This is quite common at McDonalds in Thailand.

We were not sure weather our feet looked or felt better after the massage, but it was certainly a never-tried-before experience that we would recommend.

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