Art Displays at IFC mall

In addition to a pair of huge deer and their winter wonderland, the IFC mall at Central of Hong Kong has also installed a few pieces of temporary art display.

Sinking Chair at IFC mall, Hong Kong

These displays looked great and has certainly lightened up the shopping mall. However, I failed to find any descriptions or a theme of these scattered masterpieces.

One of the art piece featured a giant sinking sofa. It's creators were able to create the sinking illusion successfully right outside the IFC cinemas.

The other great masterpiece featured several dresses stacked on a display rack with arms at different height. It's ashamed that we cannot find the descriptions of its design concept, and why they are on displayed.

They have at least one thing in common: their colour tone. Having these art displays at the mall helped build up the Autumn and Winter mood, which naturally prepare visitors for the winter wonderland.