Canstruction Christmas Tree at Olympian City

Perhaps for some bizarre reason, the shopping mall Olympian City in Hong Kong has decided to mix a Canstruction event with its Christmas decor this year. While it is pleasing to see big and small structures made of cans in the shopping mall, most exhibits don't quite match with the Christmas theme.

Christmas Celebrations at Olympian City Shopping Mall 2012

A green tea company saved the day! Big and small Christmas trees made of cans of green tea tied Canstruction together with Christmas. All the shopping mall needed was a backdrop that somehow promote the Christmas theme.

A giant Christmas tree constructed by cans of Green tea

A small version of Green tea Christmas tree (which has little to do with the spirit of canstruction, to be honest)

Out of all the possible things in this universe, Olympian City came up with a castle backdrop. What's more, it is one of those dreamy fairytale castle that you can find in Disneyland, except this one at Olympian is cheesier. All I can say is a big "bravo" to the organizers behind this "Olympian City x Food Angel – Christmas canstruction® Hong Kong" event.