Christmas Trees and Lights in Hong Kong and Shanghai 2012

Today is the twelve day in the twelve month of the twelve year of this century. Plenty of couples choose this memorable date 12.12.12 to get married.

We would like to celebrate 12.12.12 by formally presenting this year's SimpleDreamer Christmas Special!

Recent visitors would have already seen 2012 blog posts on Christmas decoration in Hong Kong. Every year, shopping malls and complexes put up the most spectacular Christmas lights and decorations to attract shoppers. Local government and government associated bodies also do their part by putting up non-commercial displays. There are really plenty of photo opportunities in Hong Kong before and during Christmas. In 2010, SimpleDreamer brought you some of these in a Christmas Special.

This year, we are reporting from Hong Kong AND Shanghai, where Christmas is slowly growing into a holiday and shopping season. Property developers and owners from Hong Kong are bring this mall decoration culture to Shanghai. This has certainly lighten up Shanghai's Christmas.