To-Fu Club at The One

One of the best designed and operated shopping malls in the Tsim Sha Tsui area is definitely The One. Yes, The One is its name. In this day and age when malls are competing to put up the best Christmas decorations to attract Christmas shoppers, The One has decided to join forces with To-Fu Club.

The One To-Fu Club

What on earth is To-Fu Club, you may ask. What has a character based on Tofu do with Christmas? First of all, for those who don't know what is Tofu, it is a Chinese food made with coagulating soy juice. Tofu itself usually offer little taste. It's texture is soft and yet solid enough to offer an unusual party in ones mouth.

To-Fu Club is a set of cartoon characters based on Tofu. They are actually guys with a square head. While it is rather colourful to have an area full of square blocks, I found it difficult to associate these cakes of Tofu with Christmas.

I suspect that this is and may continue to be the direction that The One will take when it come to Christmas decorations. This makes me miss the time when they put up a nice Pink Christmas tree? It was simply uniquely THE One.

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