Panda Garden at IFC Hong Kong

Hong Kong's International Finance Centre shopping mall, or simply IFC, strives its best to setup eye catching Christmas and Chinese New Year displays to attract shoppers. This year, IFC Hong Kong has created panda garden at its atrium to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Snake.

Giant Panda Garden of Prosperity at IFC Hong Kong

Named as the "Giant Panda Garden of Prosperity", life-sized panda models (yes... fake pandas) displayed the active side of the somewhat lazy but cute animal. A small bamboo garden with wooden huts was setup to host these lively panda.

Panda Garden at IFC Hong Kong

It seemed too much of a coincident that IFC Hong Kong is trying to avoid the colour red in recent month. Their most recently Christmas display was white winter wonderland; and this Chinese New Year Panda Garden is in green. Let's hope IFC would bring back Dragon and Phoenix displays next year.

Did you know that:- IFC Hong Kong is one of Hong Kong's prime shopping mall with tenants from major international brands. It is the home to Hong Kong's first Apple Store.

Panda Garden at International Finance Centre Hong Kong