Milk Powder in Hong Kong

One of the recent hot topic in town is the shortage of canned milk powder in Hong Kong. This incident is the result of a series of complicated yet interconnected events in China and Hong Kong. Some blamed the purchase power of an overwhelming number of mainland Chinese tourists and parallel importers from Shenzhen; some criticized the key manufacturers for controlling the supply. This incident is only part of a much bigger issue.

We can leave these complicated issues to scholars, journalists and politicians. Let's take a look at what are the available canned milk powder in Hong Kong and related facts.

Hong Kong 'Version' Milk Powder 香港版奶粉

  • Meadjohnson Enfagrow A+ / 美国美赞臣安儿宝 / 美赞臣

  • Friso GOLD / 荷兰美素佳儿 / 美素佳儿

  • Gate & Cow / 牛栏牌乐儿 / 牛栏牌

  • Abbott EyeQ Plus / 美国雅培恩美力 / 雅培

  • Wyeth Promil GOLD / 美国惠氏金裝健兒樂 / 惠氏

  • Snowbrand Smart Baby / 日本雪印思敏儿 / 雪印

Retail Price

  • Around HK $250 to $300 per can in Hong Kong
  • Around HK $350 to $400 per can in Shenzhen through parallel importers

Available From

  • Local pharmacies 本地藥房
  • Chained pharmacies: Mannings 万宁, Watsons 屈臣氏
  • Supermarkets: ParknShop 百佳, Wellcome 惠康
  • Online order and free deliver from Hong Kong distributor

Why canned milk powder?

  • Working female in Asia have to return to work soon after giving birth
  • Breast feeding facilities are virtually unavailable at work or at public places
  • New born are usually not taken care of by their mother
  • Fresh milk or processed milk is a luxury item due to logistics constraints
  • Milk powder also contains addition nutrients that manufacturers claims to be better

Why prefer 'Hong Kong version' over 'China version' milk powder?

  • Mainland Chinese parents trust the quality of milk powder purchased in Hong Kong
  • These canned milk powder are imported directly from Australia, New Zealand, USA and the Netherlands; without repackaging in China (a country that went through a major milk powder scandal in 2008)