Shopping List of Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an internationally known shopping paradise! Thousands and thousands of shoppers travelled to Hong Kong each year to experience this unique shopping experience. Since 2003, Hong Kong has transformed from a paradise for international shoppers to a paradise for mainland Chinese shoppers! There are plenty of stories and reasons behind this love-hate relationship between the locals in Hong Kong and their visitors from mainland China, today let's focus on what mainland Chinese tourist purchase when they are in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong shopping list of mainland Chinese.

We have to begin with a little bit of background. Prior to 2003, it was very difficult for mainland Chinese to obtain a travel visa to Hong Kong from their local government (in China). Furthermore, the value of RMB (Chinese dollar, or Yuan) was comparatively lower. Hong Kong took a big hit in the 1998 financial crisis as well as the SARS outbreak in 2003. In an effort to boost Hong Kong's economy (and many other reasons), the Chinese government permits selected citizens in mainland China to travel to Hong Kong.

These mainland Chinese tourists are loaded with cash and eager to purchase goods that they cannot find in mainland China! They show up at every possible shopping area: from Mong Kok to Causeway Bay, from Sheung Shui to Tsim Sha Tsui. They look for all kinds of merchandise: from designer handbags to jeweleries, from electronics to politically sensitive books, they want them all! 

What's fascinating is that these tourist are also after fast moving consumable goods! They want milk powders, health supplements and traditional Chinese medicine from Hong Kong! Mainland Chinese tourists trust the quality of these consumable goods that they purchase in Hong Kong, while taking advantage of the strong RMB exchange rate at the same time. It's a win-win for Chinese tourists, shop owners and landlords.

What are the most popular consumable goods that Chinese tourists are after? Here is a Mainland Chinese's Shopping List in Hong Kong!

Canned Milk Powder

  • Meadjohnson Enfagrow A+ / 美贊臣安嬰兒A+ / 美赞臣安婴儿A+
  • Friso Gold  金裝美素佳兒 / 金装美素佳儿
Where can you get these? They are extremely difficult to get at the moment. Most supermarkets and pharmacies are constantly out of stock. Even if they are in stock, each person may only purchase 2 to 3 cans.

Medication for Internal Use

  • Eu Yan Sang Bo Ying Compound / 余仁生保嬰丹 / 余仁生保婴丹
  • Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa / 京都念慈菴蜜煉川貝枇杷膏 / 京都念慈菴蜜炼川贝枇杷膏
  • Trumpet Seirogan Tablet / 喇叭牌正露丸 / 喇叭牌正露丸 
Where can you get these? Most pharmacies (i.e. chemists / drugstores) in Hong Kong. Including Watsons and Mannings.

Medication for External Use

  • Axe Brand Universal Oil / 斧標驅風油 / 斧标驱风油
  • Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation / 和興白花油 / 和兴白花油
  • Wong To Yick Wood Lock Medicated Balm / 黃道益活絡油 / 黄道益活络油 
Where can you get these? Most pharmacies (i.e. chemists / drugstores) in Hong Kong. Including Watsons and Mannings.

While you visit Hong Kong, you may wish to check out these item and see what the fuzz is this about. Otherwise, just observe this unique culture when you walk pass a pharmacy or supermarket in Hong Kong. Beware, some items are always out of stock!