Iron Man 3 Life Size Figures at Hysan Place (Videos)

Whether you are a fan of Marvel Avengers Super Hero Iron Man, you should check out these life sized figures at Hysan Place in Hong Kong. The collection from Mark I to Mark VII is simply amazing!

Iron Man Mark 1 to Mark VII at Causeway Bay

In an effort to promote the recently released movie Iron Man 3, Hysan Place, a shopping mall in Causeway Bay of Hong Kong set up a collection of Iron Man figures and displays.

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Iron Man SUIT UP

Iron Man 3 Mark VII

These life sized models are well designed and prepared by Hot Toys. The quality and the overall look is properly better than Cosplay Iron Man suits made by keen fans. It would be great if these Hot Toys are also designed for fans to really suit up and enjoy the fun of being Iron Man.

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There are also smaller models, a.k.a "Action Figures", on display. Another piece that was at the center of attention was a hologram.

Iron Man 3 - Now showing... off...

Hysan Place is a new shopping mall in Hong Kong. It is also home to Apple's third Apple Store in Hong Kong.

Fancy a fan-made Iron Man Mark 6 suit? Check this out:

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