Pedder Street in Central

Pedder Street is one of the key streets in Central, Hong Kong. It carries plenty of history and unique Hong Kong flavour. In a small pedestrian lane branched off from Pedder Street, you can find stores that offer just that. 

Pedder Street, Central Hong Kong

Originally small businesses and hawkers in the area, these shops began their operations before the nearby buildings were erected. When the government decided develop Central, these shops were relocated to the current pedestrian lane. Despite of the wooden match-box like constructions, they are now licensed shops that offers fascinated products and services.

The pedestrian lane off Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong

The limelight of these shops were stolen by it's new neighbour in 2012 for a short while. Yes, I am talking about the Abercrombie & Fitch shop at Pedder Street. When it was first opened, A&F flew a group of half-naked muscular boys into Hong Kong, that drove most of Hong Kong ladies off the roof!

Pedder Building, where A&F is now located in Hong Kong

Do not mix up, this is the A&F store on Fifth Ave of NYC

Once the hoo-ha has passed, the green match-box shops at Pedder Street became once again a key attraction in Central, well, for those who understand what is culture and history.

This picture requires no further explanation...