AsiaWorld-Expo Hong Kong

AsiaWorld-Expo is Hong Kong's World Class exhibition center. Along with the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, AsiaWorld-Expo is one of two major convention and exhibition facilities in Hong Kong.

AsiaWorld-Expo Hong Kong

The AsiaWorld-Expo is huge. Apart from exhibitions and trade fairs, the AsiaWorld-Expo also hosts public exams, seminars, talk shows and concerts! While foreign visitors attend conventions and exhibitions at the AsiaWorld-Expo, the locals attend exams and music concerts at this venue next to the airport.

AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been deeply engaged in the convention and exhibition industry since the 80s. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at Wan Chai is a convenient venue at the central business district of Hong Kong. Together with the infrastructure and people in the relevant service industry, Hong Kong has dominated the convention and exhibition arena in the 90s in Asia. 

Cities near Hong Kong, such as Macau and Shenzhen, began to catch up with the convention and exhibition business in the new Millennium. The AsiaWorld-Expo was hence built near the Hong Kong International Airport on Lantau Island to address additional needs from the industry.

Hong Kong's convention and exhibition venue: AsiaWorld-Expo
The positioning of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the AsiaWorld-Expo is different. The two venues complement one another. While the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre offers exhibition venue in town center with plenty of nearby attractions, the AsiaWorld-Expo offers huge exhibition halls at a remote location that is adjacent to the airport.

The AsiaWorld-Expo is literally 5-minutes drive away from the Hong Kong International Airport. It is a great location as it reduces the travel time required for exhibits and conference attendees. One can fly into Hong Kong, attend the exhibition and depart within several hours.

Although it is in a remote location, the AsiaWorld-Expo has supporting infrastructures such as:


The name AsiaWorld-Expo can be confusing. Firstly the name itself does not suggest that it is a venue in Hong Kong. Secondly, the word Asia and World are used together in a 'reverse' arrangement. While it is evident that AsiaWorld is used as a new phrase in this context, it is not easy to write the name AsiaWorld-Expo without mistakes. Most people would simply write Asia World Expo or Asia-World Expo. Even its Chinese name 亞洲國際博覽館 is usually referred to as 亞洲博覽館. Wouldn't it be great if the AsiaWorld-Expo has a easy to write name?