Chinese Lantern at Victoria Park 2013

When the moon is at its brightest and fullest on the 15th day in the 8th month of the lunar calendar, Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (or moon festival). Families gather to have a fest, share moon cakes under the moon. After dinner, it is a tradition for parents to take their children to admire beautiful lanterns.

Chinese Lanterns at Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Almost every year in Hong Kong Victoria Park, you can great Chinese Lantern displays. This year, there is a huge plastic bottle lantern at the Tin Hau side of the Victoria Park. On the Causeway Bay side of the Victoria Park. You can find plenty of traditional Chinese lantern.

When I say traditional Chinese lantern, I am referring to the style of the design. The constructions has been modernized. For example, instead of building lanterns with wood trips and paper then lit with fire, these modern lanterns are made of much strong structures with water proof materials and lit with light bulbs. You can still gain a taste of traditional Chinese culture from its design.

While the giant plastic bottle lantern might have stolen plenty of attention with its modern design, these huge traditional Chinese lantern brought warmth and festival spirits to its visitors. There is one thing for sure, there are plenty of excitement going on in Victoria Park right now!

Huge Chinese Lanterns at Victoria Park, Causeway Bay