Hong Kong Moon Cakes 2013

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival is an important day in Chinese lunar calendar. Since a long long long time ago, Chinese families would gather on this day to enjoy the full moon over a feast with immediate and extended family members.

Assorted Moon Cakes from Hong Kong producers

Although there are many different stories to their origins, moon cakes somehow found its way into the Mid-Autumn Festival along the river of Chinese history.

Moon Cakes from The Peninsula Hong Kong

Moon cakes went through significant evolutions in Hong Kong in the past 30 years. Traditional Cantonese moon cakes began with the standard salted egg yolk in Lotus paste, with a variety of single, double or even triple yolk (單黃蓮蓉月餅 雙黃蓮蓉月餅). Wing Wah moon cakes (香港元朗榮華月餅) has dominated the traditional moon cake market for many years. 

(From Top Left Clockwise) Snowy moon cake, single egg yok in lotus paste, mini-single yolk low sugar moon cake, five grains moon cake

Then Taipan snowy moon cakes (大班冰皮月餅) came along and brought non-traditional flavours to the market, offering ice cream like moon cakes. As more and more companies wanted their share of the moon cake market, even more variations came along such as chocolate moon cakes. Some stuck to the traditional path and produce moon cakes with expensive ingredients and even gold chips.

Every year from August, Hong Kong consumers are bombarded by moon cakes commercials from restaurants, hotels, cake shops, etc. Packaging of moon cakes are becoming more and more 'sexy' to suit the market demand. Most businesses are willing to purchase moon cakes for their business partners as gifts to 'build relationships'.

A set of mini-moon cakes